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Cristiana Couceiro is a Portuguese illustrator and graphic designer who currently lives in Lisbon. Her works mostly feature colorful collages based on geometrical constructions and are inspired by vintage prints and signs. The recent images she produced are synthetic combinations of cut-out silhouettes and spots of primary colors which become surreal three-dimensional scenes and graphic…

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Artist interview: Apolo Torres — StreetArtNews

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Apolo Torres is a contemporary artist, whose work ranges from painting and murals to posters and magazine illustrations. A graduate in Industrial Design from Mackenzie University in São Paulo, he also studied painting at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Since he was just a little child, he always felt a strong…

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Vintage-style desk lamps by Primrose & Plum — Retro to Go

Vintage-style desk lamps by Primrose & PlumThese vintage-style desk lamps by Primrose & Plum are very cute and very practical. Take your pick from cree, blue, pistachio or an antique copper, all with a joint for adjusting the shade / light, some neat punched hole detailing, matching coloured base and an in-line white cord. If…

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24 Brew-Bettering Gifts for the Coffee Addict in Your Life — Food52

Even the most avid of coffee geeks get stuck in a rut—because once you find a maker that seems to work for you, why change it up? That’s how I’ve always felt about my personal coffee-making dream team: an old glass-walled french press and a grinder I picked up at the hardware store. They make…

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The M5 Mile – a circus of creativity — Polaroids and Polar Bears

Saturday saw a neglected and forgotten strip of land under the M5 motorway transformed into a buzzing hive of creativity as part of MADE’s M5 Mile project. The project, funded by Creative Black Country, saw six local artists undertake a day long commission with a simple brief to respond to the site. Diverse in their…

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Celebrating Ocean Colour Scene; Moseley Shoals

Today do something that you have not done before

I did exactly that when I had the opportunity to go and see Ocean Colour Scene at The Old Crown, Digbeth, as part of the Radio X Pub Tour and Strongbow Cloudy Apple Pub Tour.

I went alone, Mr. Deau was working, but fear not, if I was missing the company of middle aged men, I needn’t have worried…

Luckily for me, the weather was perfect for an outdoor gig; dry and balmy. The garden space at the Old Crown is not only atmospheric, its also just the right size.

I was incredibly fortunate to able to attend this acoustic set; a kick off gig for their celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the awesome Moseley Shoals album.

Armed with my complimentary cider, along with my fellow listeners, I belted out finishing with The Day We Caught The Train. A great start to my weekend and a well received gig.

To a person of a certain age, this music fills you with nostalgic and joyous memories from the much loved 1990’s.

Happy Anniversary OCS!

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Tea. How to make your own teabags

Being the youngest of 3 children, a tad feral and ridiculously cheeky, I was left to run riot and pretty much do as I pleased.

Aren’t we talking about tea, I hear you say? Well, despite my revolt against boredom, funnily enough by the age of ten I had learnt how to make some pretty decent Indian tea; in fact I could comfortably compete with the best of them. This newly acquired “skill” must have given my poor folks some hope that they should persevere and try and equip me with even more of those vital life skills. They dared to dream.

How did this happen? Well, my very nice uncle came to visit, our paths crossed early doors and he demanded a cup of proper tea. I did the decent thing, I managed his expectations and then attempted to slope away. You may have guessed, he did get his tea and without lifting a finger. He casually belted out step by step instructions and occasionally looked up to let me know that I had better not burn myself, yes thanks…

The tea was a hit, it smelt really good, it looked okay and he drank it. In regards to tasting it myself, I wouldn’t dream of sampling milky stewed tea, despite the amazing aroma. He was a great man, but thank goodness he didn’t teach me anything else, as I have had to make alot of tea over the years!

This got me thinking about tea I do like and if it were possible to make my own. A little research later, I discovered that it could not be simpler.

The whole process is quick, the teabags look pretty and the taste is far superior to most of the brands that I have personally sampled. (I have tried alot!)


The Steps That I Took

  1. Purchase teabags, I chose mine from Amazon
  2. Select your tipple, for me it is peppermint and ginger
  3. I was able to use fresh ingredients, though I assume dried would work just as well
  4. Add your ingredients into the bags, do not overfill them and then tie a small knot


Good luck if you try and make your own and I would love to hear how you get on.

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10 Tips for Starting Your Own Cookbook Club — Food52

After grabbing yet another cookbook to bring upstairs at bedtime, I knew it was officially time to start a cookbook club. Reading a cookbook is similar to reading a novel (you are transported to another time and place, experience someone else’s story, and wake up inspired), and cookbook clubs are similar to regular book clubs.…

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I quite like the idea of this, anybody fancy giving this a whirl? 

Thought for the day – 4th July

“Every day we should hear at least one little song,

read one good poem, see one exquisite picture,

and, if possible, speak a few sensible words”



To be frank I would not do this everyday, but today, I will make a special effort and put some positive thought into this task; to those that are able to do this everyday, I take my hat off to you.

My list:

My little song: PJ  Harvey – Community of Hope – my daughter was humming the tune this morning and it has been stuck in my head since.

Read one good poem: I am not the worlds best advocate for poetry,  it always sounds wrong when I read poems aloud, yet the same poem can sound inspiring and moving when read by another. This happened yesterday evening at the end of a documentary about Serena Williams and her life in the world of tennis, she recited the following by Maya Angelou; Still I Rise.  You can not fail to be moved by how it makes you feel.

An exquisite picture: Now I could have pulled out all of the stops and stunned you with my extensive knowledge of art, instead I chose this moment in time.


Sensible words:

It takes so much more effort to be mean than it does to be nice, so be nice!

Do you have a list?

Happy 4th July!