January 2019 – Sugar Fix

SUGAR, I was eating the white stuff like it would no longer be available, which led me to making a ridiculous decision to quit for January; in fact everyone in Deau Towers quit. How difficult could it be? 31 days. No problemo. It would give us something to focus on. Win win…

Well let me tell you, I have become fixated with sugar. I had no idea of how much sugar I was actually consuming on a daily basis. In my coffee, biscuits, the odd cake, leftover mince pies, tins of Christmas sweets, an endless list. It is like I had never been able to walk past the “sweet cupboard” and never not open it!

It has also become some what of a talking point.

Why are we doing it?” Good for you, there is no way I could do that.” “Oh wow, are you giving up all sugar or just processed sugar?” “What have you replaced it with?” **

My absolute favourite, “Do you feel amazing, I bet you feel amazing?”

Quite frankly, I did not expect this much conversation about it, it was a flippant gesture, which we gave very little thought to.

Secretly, I thought that it would be a breeze for me and really I was doing it for mini Deau…

Let me tell you, I have struggled. I was clearly deluded about my sugar addiction, it does not help that everything is laced with it.

Ordering Coffee – okay, I can order a cappuccino and not add sugar, but am I supposed to return it, if it comes with an abstract chocolate heart on it? #notthatcruel #nottheirfault #verypretencious

What about sugar free products, are they allowed?

My downfall is snacks, whilst I have to date, avoided sugar free products {think vegan bacon, what is the actual point?} I did make a pretty fantastic job of replacing sugar for salt. Thankfully this has now decreased and I am no longer replacing one problem with another.

January 28 – I am in my last couple of days and I have to tell you, apart from a slice of obligatory chocolate birthday cake and 1 cappuccino with a light dusting of chocolate, I did okay! From all accounts Mr Deau did really well too, as for my Mini Deau, she failed on day 2! She did however, provide some excellent reasons why it was near on impossible for her not to have sugary treats. {At least she was thinking about it!}

I have gone full circle with this, from thinking it would be a breeze, to gently rocking backwards and forwards, substituting the sugar for salt, to now, where I am fine.

I think I may have beaten it. I no longer feel the need to weep without some chocolate and can go a few hours now without a thought of where my next hit is gonna come from.

01 February – I am confident, that I will not be nose diving into the nearest bag of sugar or bulk buying chocolate eclairs.

Quitting for good? – errr no! {But I will be mindful of what I am eating.}

** Fresh fruit, rice crackers, drinking more water. Not sitting in the same spot for too long, as this leads to boredom and finally crying a little!

Considered Recycling from ZeroWasteChef

This is an excellent blog that tackles recycling in ways that I had not considered. 

In my mind definitely worth a read!

The link to the blog is: zerowastechef.com

It does not all have to look like this!