21 Century Affordable Chairs

Chairs. I love chairs. I spend a lot of time sitting and regard it is a thoroughly acceptable pastime.

The question is, do I love chairs as much as I love a dress with pockets? I couldn’t answer that question right now, primarily because while I am hobbling around on my crutches, those pockets are proving their worth in design!

Back to the chairs, here are a mere handful of ones that are both beautifully designed and affordable. Honestly I would love to have them all in Deau Towers, but I feel I may get a few minor objections, plus they are difficult to stash away…

I do own the one from MDM Furniture, Martini Italian, which I am currently using as a desk chair, it is working well.

Anoukh (age 8) likes the look of the one from Blue Suntree, the  Sonar Wooden Chair,   apparently it looks comfortable and there is alot of bottom space. I like her thought process.

Where can I buy these from I hear you say? Well here are the links and this is also where the images were taken from.

Happy browsing, I bet you eye up a future purchase.




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