The dilemma that is Banksy

Having heard of Banksy’s recent mischief or should I say good deed, it could be said that in his own way, he could be regarded as a modern day Robin Hood, creating a work of art that will be coveted by the rich but one that cannot be taken. The reason being, it has emerged in a primary school in Bristol.

The work itself is remarkably innocent, but as always there is a caveat, he left a note stating amongst other things;

“remember it’s always easier to get forgiveness than permission”

Image from

This image led to some reminiscing of my own from when Tony and I went to Dismaland last year the pop up exhibition in Weston-Super-Mare. Hosted in a derelict lido it was setup as an anti establishment amusement park. (figure that out)

We left home at dawn, hoping to get into the exhibition early. This did not happen, we queued for 5 hours something I have never had any commitment towards, so this was quite something. In true British seaside fashion, it rained, it was cold and I dare not have a coffee, as I may have had to use a portaloo…

However, I have to say it was fun, we met some interesting people, including Humans of Weston who bases her concept on the more well known Humans of New York . There was a real feeling of achievement when we made it across the footbridge and through the fake cardboard security control point. Dismaland did not disappoint, it was surreal and worth the wait.

I won’t give you a critique of the day, as the saying goes a picture speaks a thousand words.

Dismaland Weston is no longer there, but Banksy used this show to highlight the plight of the refugees in Calais, you can find out more here



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