Quirky and Beautiful Kitchen Accessories

A number of years ago Mr. Deau lovingly built and installed our Habitat Canella kitchen.  Recently we have taken step back and realised it may have seen better days, but nothing that can’t be fixed.

The kitchen itself has been worth every penny, it has admirably endured constant use and the occasional party…

So whilst I am still housebound and the rain shows no signs of abating, I am having a lovely time devouring the internet for beautiful objects that I really do need. One site that does not fail to impress is Rockett St George. It offers an exceptional display of beautiful items and can leave you day dreaming for far too long!

I love my home and therefore I rarely buy anything for it that I do not genuinely love, isn’t functional and adaptable. In my mind there is no point of owning anything that you are too scared to use and keep it locked away in a cupboard for “that” special occasion. I want objects that can be moved around my home and not look out of place anywhere.

So, here is part of my wishlist from the audacious Rockett St George. 


For me, the products have a forever feel about them, they make me smile and are on the right side of quirky.

What is not to love?


A special thanks to Grace Clements from Rockett St George for providing the above images.


Rockett St George




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