Yumzee – A Leap of Faith

After seeing a number of links for Yumzee I was curious enough to find out some more about this latest social phenomena to hit Brum.

What is Yumzee I hear you say? Well, it is like Come Dine With Me, but without the embarrassment of being filmed while eating; nobody needs to be seen with spaghetti trailing from their mouth!

After a quick peruse of the site, I was sold. To my surprise there were a number of options in the Birmingham area, ranging from a Jamaican barbecue all the way through to a glorious afternoon tea. Never having been one to resist eating, I took a leap of faith and booked a French fusion meal set in Moseley for the following Friday.

Friday came, armed with 2 strapping men and a bag full of wine, we set off into the unknown!

We were greeted by our host Sylvan who immediately put us at ease, he introduced us to the other guests, who were surprisingly normal.image

The meal was fantastic, a delicious quiche to start, chicken for main and a chocolate mousse dessert. We were treated to sample one of Slyvan’s delightful chocolate and pistachio cakes.

The evening flew by and we completely outstayed our welcome! I would highly recommend signing up to join a meal or even host one. There is nothing to lose, you meet people that you may not normally cross paths with and you never know, you may make some new friends along the way. A total win in my eyes.

A couple of items worth noting:

  • Each meal is set a different price and payment is upfront and all done via Paypal
  • Alcohol is not included and most hosts say BYO
  • I would let the host know if you have dietary requirements

Now you are armed with the facts, go take your own leap of faith!

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