The To Do List. May 04

Hurrah it’s Friday evening, I made it. I am still cream crackered and still have an enviable to do list.

  • Make dinner
  • Pack for mini’s school trip next week, convince her she does not need ALL of the stuff on the list
  • Pack for my own mini break next week #throw some clothes into budget airline suitcase
  • Pack for swimming tomorrow
  • Buy a couple of “thoughtful” gifts from the supermarket
  • Make myself look presentable. Instant tick, this only requires brushing my hair…
  • Mow the lawn, I hear the sun is shining in the UK next week. Don’t even get me started!

Moving on….

I have some thoughts about the local elections. They were not all bad and it appears that some post Brexit balance has finally being restored. Having said that, the first time I really acknowledged our local councillors was when they sent their glossy,

 “vote for me ” paraphernalia through the post.

How long can any political party continue to expect support when the only time we see them, is when they need us?

Do they really wonder why there is such little support for them, when truly, we the public don’t know what they do for us? I wonder, for those of us that vote, how long they can expect our enduring loyalty? As for those that don’t, are they only canvassed when there is a scramble for power?

Not to end on a sour note, there is no getting away from the fact that it is indeed Friday and we (in the UK) have a bank holiday AND it is warm enough to abandon the 100 denier tights! #lifeislookingup

Also this beaut arrived, I love it!


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