Airports. May 09

Airports. Apparently a gateway to sunny climates, new adventures and relaxing holidays…

Well, this may be true, but not until you have successfully felt like you have been tortured and everything that you have so carefully packed is indeed WRONG.

Further exasperated by delightful airport officials explaining the virtues of a plastic bag and why their plastic bag is the right one and that I could use my own but,

I would not pass go and I would go straight to jail!

I used the bag she gave me. I was not going to give up at the first hurdle.

Having successfully boarded the plane, feeling slightly smug about not letting in to pay to sit next to Mr. Deau and having a spare seat next to me, my delight was short lived.

I very quickly found myself sandwiched between 2 very sweaty people who could not put down their arm rests and WORSE than this, their skin touching mine! #getmeoutofhere! #personalspaceplease #sunshine

While contemplating voluntarily standing for 4 hours, I was rescued by a phone call from Mr. D explaining he was the only man on his row. I should join him. I did and promptly, much relief all round!

Ahh…. relax!

#loveholidays #minibreakherewecome #afternoonnap #getmeadrink

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