This Week – Being Indian, Food, Friends and the Weather

Being Indian, there are a couple of things that I intrinsically need to survive; food and heat. Anything less than this makes me quite unhappy. I have experienced lulls on both levels this week and feel the need to share.

The very weather that I have been dreading since October last year has arrived with full force. It is cold. To further validate that it is winter, the central heating decided to pack up too. Joy.

This was enough reasoning for me to start looking at how I could escape this time of year and how I could negotiate my departure to warmer climates. A pipe dream at best; at least for the moment. So, in effect, I had to find other distractions to keep myself both alive and happy.

Lucky for me, that came in the form of dinner with 2 of my excellent friends, I had high hopes for this being a mood changer and it did not disappoint me. I was driven to dinner in a nice toasty car. #heatedseats #happydays #feltlikesummer

Dinner was great, just what I needed. Also completely trumped my “lunch” which was a packet of Monster Munch and Mini’s Innocent Smoothie…

It was good to catch up, we have been friends forever and a day it seems, but we don’t get to see each other as often as we would like. Which is strange in a way, as individuals, we choose who we would like to be friends with and are not forced to have relationships with them.

Friendships are so important, even Google agrees. A quick search came up with overwhelming support for making friends and keeping them.

As friends we have the power to influence one another in a positive way. Take a read of this:

I look at my friends and genuinely think, how happy I am to know them and despite my lack of continuous communication, I hope that they still know that at anytime they can pick up the phone or just turn up for a cup of something and that is beyond fine.

Or that they can pull me aside and say, I am having a horrible day and actually I need someone to help me out.

So watch out friends, this may be the year I remember your birthday and we reacquainte ourselves with our old lives; even if momentarily!

#callafriend #mentalhealth #goodtimes #livethelifeyoudeserve

In the end, my disastrous start to the day turned full circle, we got a man to fix the central heating, I was fed rather well and the holidays are coming.

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