About Me

Who Am I…

A happily married 40 year old working mother who spends her days dreaming. Born and bred in Birmingham, I now live in Halesowen, in a 1960’s townhouse,  affectionately known as Deau Towers.

Life revolves around working, family and friends. Having a child has been an eye opener, it makes me want to provide a balanced life for her in this material world.

As a family we like to try new things, go to interesting places and spend as much time together as possible.

I have an intrinsic love for all things midcentury, this could be a concrete building or a well designed chair. This love has evolved and grown over the years and is fuelled further by my current home.  The house demands clean lines, clutter free living, which is easier said than done when living with an 8 year old and a collector of stuff!

Food plays a massive part in my life, as we all love to eat! Eating well is important, if not always achieved, yes we have fish fingers in the freezer!

You will normally find my family in the kitchen, seemingly always hungry. When we are not cooking we like to eat out, Birmingham in recent years has had a food revival and the choice of good food is becoming greater, from which you will hear no complaints from me!




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