I’m not Extreme, Consumerism Is

I’m not Extreme, Consumerism Is

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New Car Equals Freedom

For as long as I can remember I have been an excellent passenger seat driver. I pack car sweets, unwrap the car sweets, and pass the car sweets! I make entertaining conversation and on rare occasions make the right judgement call on which direction we should be going…

I am in charge of the playlist and bloody love looking out of the window and saying things like, “OMG, look at that?!?”

When all of the car jobs are done, I politely go to sleep.

Then earlier this year, for reasons unbeknown to me, I decided I needed to drive and I should get a car; so that’s what I did. (No surprise to those of you that know me.)

Now this news was received with great excitement and trepidation from those around me. Mr. Deau was visualising never having to drive again, whilst secretly fearing for my life!

Anoukh on the other hand was beyond excited about never having to get on public transport ever again.

And so it is, I now have a car. A super lovely Mini Clubman; just quirky enough.

It has apparently granted me freedom and independence like I have never experienced before… I get asked all of the time, don’t you wish you did it before? Don’t you love the independence? You can go where you like by yourself now.

All quite odd really. I have always had independence, I don’t think there was anywhere I couldn’t go before, and if Mr. D wasn’t available, Uber was. (and an army of friends and family)

What has actually happened is that I have forgotten how to walk; anywhere. My knees hurt and I am worried I am becoming old before my time.

It has also opened my eyes to how awful people are, the word idiot (maybe worse, depending on the company) passes my lips far too much. I think I am right all of the time and have a growing contempt for a wider demographic of people.

And don’t get me started on having to concentrate all of the time….

So anyway…..

I decided that I should go for walk and off I went. (You know, once I have made my mind up…)

Surprise surprise, I had a lovely time, the fresh air cleared my brain, I mentally updated the to do list, I made random plans on how I would take over the world and plotted some more get rich schemes.

It was one of the most productive hours I have spent in a long time. I was able to have a good nose around and realised that I have super missed this.

I can not stress the importance of taking time out of your day to clear your head, take a break and day dream. It can only set you up for success.

Try it, you may strike gold!

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The Mini Break. May 11

The Portuguese mini break was an utter success, thinking about it, there were a few key components to this one.

  • Flying from a local airport
  • Having a convenient and nice place to stay
  • Sunshine
  • Great company
  • Delicious food
  • No real agenda
  • Avoid reading the news; specifically about Trump or Brexit

I was able to ignore my standard list of jobs for a few days and I was happy! It also amazes me that I really can’t recognise that I needed a break until I come back from one.

Back to reality, it’s cold, the house is not quite tidy and I have a lot to do this weekend…

  • Work
  • Family
  • Household chores
  • The endless jobs

With all of these lists in mind, I was sad to hear about the death of Scott Hutchinson [ Frightened Rabbits] it feels to me that we are all putting an untold amount of pressure on ourselves to be successful and brilliant all of the time. This manifests itself in many ways, me with my lists, endless activities for our children, looking effortlessly perfect all of the time, it’s never ending. We have to ask who are we doing this for and why? If we don’t care enough about our own wellbeing, why on earth should anybody else?

#livingthedream #backwithabump #mentalhealthawareness